Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bridal Suite Antiques Brought Back to Life

Another great find at Cancello Est - antique bedroom furniture which will now grace the Sarnano Suite. We found the furniture in the basement of the building and have had it restored by Frederico in Macerata. 

Frederico, during the restoration,  found written in pencil underneath one of the drawers "to a loving daughter on her birthday - September 1901". 

There is also a label that says the furniture was made in Santangelo in Pontano one of our neighbouring villages.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Recycling 16th Century Floor Tiles

Finally we have reached the flooring stage and are able to recycle the original terracotta tiles from the original medieval building. We discovered these hidden beneath 60 cms of ash, sand and rubble that had been placed for new floors over the centuries. The end result will be amazing - wonderful hues of honey, yellow red and the design pattern is looking stunning. Next stage is sanding, sealing and polishing. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

The Fresco is now a Fresci (we have two now so its Plural)

The Second of our four Fresci is now complete. So different to the first one that was discovered. 

There is a gold motif with white and red roses (looks a bit like a Tudor Rose)

Adriana, our fresco expert and restorer, has done some research and has come up with some ideas of what the buildings that are depicted represent. 

The Fresco dates from around 1625 and the structures in the corners represent either properties the family owned, or buildings that had a sentimental attachment to the family.

The first is the Old Medieval Tower of Gualdo that sat in the centre of the town square. Sadly, this collapsed in one of the earthquakes last century.

The Medieval Tower of Gualdo
The second image is, we believe,  the old church in Vecciola that has had a lot of remodelling over the years. Adriana thinks, that perhaps, this was the church where one of the family members worshipped and could be,  the church of the wife where they were married. (What a great wedding album) 

The third picture is a depiction of Cancello Est as it was many years ago  with steps (no longer there) leading up to the south side of the property.

The final image is of the families hunting lodge which can still be seen at Passo St Angelo.

What a brilliant way to preserve family history for future generations.
The Old Church at Vecciola

The Original House
The Hunting Lodge at Passo St Angelo